Friday, September 25, 2009

Faces of YANA

I think getting to know the overlooked people is good for almost anyone. Both my sons have volunteered at YANA, and both are compassionate, thoughtful men. My younger son, Daniel, was there this past summer. There are now three pictures of him with the women he met at YANA on this blog and another picture of three women posing together.

All of the women posed (enthusiastically) for pictures that they knew might be on the internet promoting YANA and its work. Most of our clients are proud of their affiliation with YANA. Still, pseudonyms are used in the posts, and nothing learned through counseling or my legal work with clients is ever used.


  1. What wonderful sons you must have. Is either of them in a public service career? How do you think volunteering at YANA effects them? Do you have many volunteers?

  2. Yes, I do have wonderful sons! My older son writes for ThinkProgress, and we're very proud of his work. The younger one, Daniel, who's in the pictures, is a second year student at Towson. He's interested and talented in a number of areas. We have several other volunteers as well. You might want to click on the YANA website to see some of them.